– Christina Semeria –

Second year student at the University of Georgia, majoring in Exercise and Sport Sciences. Srat star, representing Alpha Chi Omega (whoop whoop). Animals make my heart sing. Iced coffee does, too. England has my heart and I hope Italy will soon. Wish cell phones didn’t exist (world’s worst texter). Love vintage shopping. Writing music calms me. Contrary to popular belief, exercise is fun. Mountains will forever amaze me. Love discovering new music. I have a passion for creativity. Trying to figure out my new DSLR camera so I can be a fancy photographer (advice is welcomed). And loved by a sweet sweet Father.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of being raised by two parents who have devoted their lives to seeking God, and consistently encourage me to pursue a life of abounding faith and love. I’ve always had a huge heart for worship, and have written my own music (“Music” tab) throughout the past 19 years (most of which is still needing to be properly recorded and copyrighted, so I apologize for the lack of available music right now!).

I hope that through this site, I can encourage others to love and to grow with a childlike faith. I strive to, as authentically as possible, portray my life and experiences to others so that I can be a vessel for God to use in ways I might not ever comprehend.

The site is entitled “A Stirring Heart”  because this most accurately describes who I am and who God has called me to be. He constantly provokes my heart in unexpected ways, and has continued to push me to never be content. I hope that, as I feel God tug on my heart strings, I am able to convey Him through colorful writings and musical compositions.

In addition, I’ve provided a “Discover Weekly” page, where I’ll post my favorite new tunes that week for those that are interested cause like I said, I love finding new tunes. But no offense whatsoever if you don’t care. I understand. (both a variety of genres and a Christian selection)

I’m completely open to any and all criticism and feedback, as I want this to be as relatable as possible and understood by those who read my posts!

“I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.” Psalm 130:5


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